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Riverdale Forecasting


Thank you for coming online to forecast for the 2017-18 school year. On the next page, you'll be asked some questions to help us arrange courses in the best possible way.

There will be five tabs near the top. Once you fill in the first page, the others will be filled in with questions and courses for you to choose from.

Once all the questions are answered and you've selected five options for each trimester, the submit button will appear on the right. Please make sure your answers are correct and your courses are in the order of your preference before you click 'Submit'.

Once you do, you'll be redirected to a final page, and an email will be sent with the information to the student and parent addresses you provide in the form.

If there is anything you need to clarify or add comments to, you can do that in the comments section of the second tab: "Grade-level questions"

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